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Week 23 Changes

Hi NKMMA Family

Well we are in the home stretch , just a couple of weeks to go .

My week has been about changes as I’ve looked over the past 5+ months . I looked back and decided to be Self-Directed as we all will be soon . My week has not followed the normal course , I wanted to go over things and look how I will be heading and since it’s a journey I’ll take it as such .

Not much more to say , I wish everyone a Great Week

Dream Big

John “oneliner”

Week 22A On Our Own

Hi MKMMA Family ,

Getting down to the Wire , been a trip to be sure .

We were on our own as to choose or self direct what we read for the MKMMA this week I did just pick some later some earlier and had some good sits . Looking back also on thinks I did and how I could have done better , busy week for me .

I was thinking about the silence and I had read another post about just starting with an hour a day , which I thought was I good idea to do , I don’t I’ll have a problem with being silent , wanted to be sure what ever time I choose to do I’d do it . I have a friend I help on a very part-time basis and this week he need me to do a repair on an electric wheel chair and it was 90 miles away from where I live , well had a problem and had to take the chair back to the shop which kinda stressed me out .He had told me to inform the chair owner he would fix and he would deliver the chair next day mid afternoon (that was yesterday ) . As you guessed he could not make it and wanted to know if i could , well I had something to do , but rearranged my plans to get out in time so I’d beat the traffic coming home . I spoke to him just before I left Thursday morning and headed out . I know your thinking where is he going with this , as I picked up the chair and headed on the highway I thought this is the 3rd trip and other the speaking to the chair owner , it hit me I was silent  no radio just me and the drive so in the total of the 4 trips I was silent for a good 6 -7 hours , which is not 2, 3 or 7 days but a great start and I almost didn’t realize it …Not bad for an “Old Guy ”

So hope everyone had a Great Week see or hear you Sunday

God Bless

Dream Big





Week 22 Last Bye Week

Hi MKMMA Family.

Well we are heading into the Home Stretch another few weeks and we come to the end of this Journey , not complete end we will be just going on are own .

Been some week for me, the beginning was a bear and since Thursday had some good stuff happen ., a couple of Miracles , the parting of the Red Sea type . the kind that you just sit back and smile and say God Is Good (not that he  ever was not Good ).

Reading some blog post from some of the friends I’ve made during the course . They were going through some “stuff” , the last few weeks have been the same for me .I’m glad they posted that as the weekly  video ( I didn’t watch it till yesterday ) Mark said he went through some of the same things , this doesn’t mean  that makes it all better but shows we all are looking to find our right course , DMP and that’s good

Well we moved on to Scroll 6 , and it brought up a funny thought , for you who can remember the TV show Mork and Mindy , well Mork was going through some stuff and he yelled out No it’s the Emotions , which it the subject of the Scroll , brought a smile to my face.

Well hope ever one is having a Great week , and for all of us who are going through some stuff , Remember we are still here ..So Lets All Just Do This !

Dream Big

John “oneliner”



Week 21 Live This Day

Hi MKMMA Family,

Well week 21 and some things to think about Og and Scroll Marked Five .

Something happened this this week that brought more meaning to this scroll, Alan Colmes a Fox News political correspondent Alan Colmes passed away on Feb 26 , I mention that for some in other countries who might not know that, he was 66, too young .It was a shock as I didn’t know he was ill and don’t watch the News very often as it’s become a joke on all sides , and whether you agreed with him or not it don’t matter just Pray he RIP and pray for the Family he leaves behind I’ve told you before I’m 69 so it made my reading of the scroll more to the point that we all should live each day as if it is are last . I don’t want to go on about this , but read the last few days of Scroll 5 with more feeling , passion and thought at the Meaning ..Hug all your loved ones , friends and spend more time with them .

Still on the Franklin Makeover new word Monday. Haanel asked us to focus on the Truth ..As The Truth Will Set You Free and it’s just as easy to think Big as think small..So think Big.

Everyone have great week see you Sunday and Hug and kiss your Loved Ones Like never before.

God Bless
Dream Big
John “oneliner”

Week 20 The Dash

Hi MKMMA Family,

Week 20 wow seems like it was just October , time flies and Og and the Webinar bring that point home .

I know I’m late posting this first time , not excuse just the truth. I missed the Webinar and was not able to view it till Thursday , and it was some webinar , the Fox and the Hedgehog was a great part and really an eye opener. But the thing that stuck n my mind was the DASH , I had heard this before but never how Mark put it was chilling at first , I’m 69 and it brought that home to me as I really thought of my life-like that before, I have no major health problems and kind of think..well somewhat younger most people don’t take me for my age, they say 69 no way 67, 68 tops (you know I had to throw some humor in here) and It’s caused me to do some serious thinking a good way..I have a 2 Year Old Granddaughter (my only Grandchild ) and I plan to see her grow up so I Plan with Gods help to be here a lot longer .

Now Haanel’s week 20 I had some good sits , I got the point as I Believe that I and the Father are one , and without him I am nothing . I concentrated on that and also some other aspects of what that means as part of my DMP , at times I was wondering if that was correct , but as I said the sits was very still so I think I my course was right. Og’s Scroll 5 really fits with all of this and gave it more meaning .

Forgive me for being late..and I need as Mark says to Giddy Up.

Till Next week..Everyone have a Great Week..And Live each day as if it’s your Last..and Fill your DASH to Overflowing

God Bless

PS: Thanks for the support during my last week Bump in the Road ..meant a lot to me.

Week 19 Mixed

Hi MKMMA Family,

Well week 19 and not much to say , been one of those weeks

Thought by now I’d be farther along and could blank the old blueprint not so this week . Guess I’ll have to regroup and fight back .

Hope everyone is doing well

Dream Big


Week 18 Happiness is The Key

Hi MKMMA Family,

Well another week in the books and week off from the webinar . Yep it’s that time of year again no not that one that April (normally the 15th but year it’s the 18th ..don’t get use to that )  No it’s Superbowl Sunday .

Well this will be short as I’m posting a video , now I know a lot of the MKMMA team has watched this , but I thought it’s worth repeating and someone other than us might view it .This a TED Talk with Shawn Achor ans besides being really good he’s a funny guy . I’ll not get into it , but it reinforces are five Tiny habits we have been working for the last few weeks, I got a lot out of it hope you do also ….Enjoy !


Thought Goes along with the whole theme ..Till Next week

Dream Big..

John “oneliner”