About Me

Hi my name is John , this is about me in my MKMMA journey and more . I live in North Carolina but I’m originally from New York .

I’m married to my High School Sweetheart this month we will be Married 49 years ..Time flies when you having  Fun…I have  two daughter my oldest gave us the best Christmas Gift Ever our 1st and only Grandchild a beautiful Baby Girl born Christmas Eve 2014… Her Grandma , Auntie (the youngest daughter ) and I are happy campers ..Love that baby like no tomorrow .

I’m a networker marketer and been on and off through the years…the company I’m with will be my Final Masterpiece .

I love to have fun and Joke a lot people l know me as “oneliner”  and not many times I’m at a loss for words ..Like to fish , love the beach , done some acting and now Love being a grandpa .

So that’s a little about me  hope   you check out my blog let me know what  think  about  my 26 week Journey with MKMMA.

Dream Big


6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Julia Standish

    Happy New Year John, Glad you are continuing your Hero’s Journey…we all move st our own pace. I am a 3rd year MKE er…. I struggle with blogging, so I live through everyone else’s blog…and am learning how to communicate my thoughts. I can’t get past 100 words though. a valuable part of your journey is your future self, this is way there is the exercise to have Press Release. The future you does not know time…so dream and write something.

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  2. Terry Benson

    Hey, John. I did the MKMMA program last year. I saw that you followed me on Twitter and I just wanted to say “Hi” and share my enthusiasm for grandchildren! I now have six, and last week I visited my son and his family in Gastonia, NC.
    I’m also a network marketer, now with new enthusiasm so that I might be able to retire from my profession, create some residual income, and make up for the time I lost from my life while making a living.
    Go within, or go without.
    Terry Benson

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    1. masterkeyjag Post author

      Hi Terry
      Thanks for your comments .yep Grandkids are the best this our 1st and Love Her . congrats on your Six. So your son is just up the road from us in Belmont. Yes trying to makeup for some stuff with this so far so good.

      Dream Big



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