Week 22A On Our Own

Hi MKMMA Family ,

Getting down to the Wire , been a trip to be sure .

We were on our own as to choose or self direct what we read for the MKMMA this week I did just pick some later some earlier and had some good sits . Looking back also on thinks I did and how I could have done better , busy week for me .

I was thinking about the silence and I had read another post about just starting with an hour a day , which I thought was I good idea to do , I don’t I’ll have a problem with being silent , wanted to be sure what ever time I choose to do I’d do it . I have a friend I help on a very part-time basis and this week he need me to do a repair on an electric wheel chair and it was 90 miles away from where I live , well had a problem and had to take the chair back to the shop which kinda stressed me out .He had told me to inform the chair owner he would fix and he would deliver the chair next day mid afternoon (that was yesterday ) . As you guessed he could not make it and wanted to know if i could , well I had something to do , but rearranged my plans to get out in time so I’d beat the traffic coming home . I spoke to him just before I left Thursday morning and headed out . I know your thinking where is he going with this , as I picked up the chair and headed on the highway I thought this is the 3rd trip and other the speaking to the chair owner , it hit me I was silent  no radio just me and the drive so in the total of the 4 trips I was silent for a good 6 -7 hours , which is not 2, 3 or 7 days but a great start and I almost didn’t realize it …Not bad for an “Old Guy ”

So hope everyone had a Great Week see or hear you Sunday

God Bless

Dream Big






13 thoughts on “Week 22A On Our Own

  1. RitaGMasterKey

    Great Post!
    Good on you for the 6-7 hours of silence in the car as you helped your friend..
    When I drive the 5 1/2 hours to see my family, I usually prefer silence….
    I may have the radio on or a cd for 1/2 an hour, then I just need the silence…
    When I’m driving by myself I prefer silence… I think I’m addicted to silence.. lol
    Around town I have my T&GR CD playing…

    Liked by 1 person


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