Week 22 Last Bye Week

Hi MKMMA Family.

Well we are heading into the Home Stretch another few weeks and we come to the end of this Journey , not complete end we will be just going on are own .

Been some week for me, the beginning was a bear and since Thursday had some good stuff happen ., a couple of Miracles , the parting of the Red Sea type . the kind that you just sit back and smile and say God Is Good (not that he  ever was not Good ).

Reading some blog post from some of the friends I’ve made during the course . They were going through some “stuff” , the last few weeks have been the same for me .I’m glad they posted that as the weekly  video ( I didn’t watch it till yesterday ) Mark said he went through some of the same things , this doesn’t mean  that makes it all better but shows we all are looking to find our right course , DMP and that’s good

Well we moved on to Scroll 6 , and it brought up a funny thought , for you who can remember the TV show Mork and Mindy , well Mork was going through some stuff and he yelled out No it’s the Emotions , which it the subject of the Scroll , brought a smile to my face.

Well hope ever one is having a Great week , and for all of us who are going through some stuff , Remember we are still here ..So Lets All Just Do This !

Dream Big

John “oneliner”




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