Week 21 Live This Day

Hi MKMMA Family,

Well week 21 and some things to think about Og and Scroll Marked Five .

Something happened this this week that brought more meaning to this scroll, Alan Colmes a Fox News political correspondent Alan Colmes passed away on Feb 26 , I mention that for some in other countries who might not know that, he was 66, too young .It was a shock as I didn’t know he was ill and don’t watch the News very often as it’s become a joke on all sides , and whether you agreed with him or not it don’t matter just Pray he RIP and pray for the Family he leaves behind I’ve told you before I’m 69 so it made my reading of the scroll more to the point that we all should live each day as if it is are last . I don’t want to go on about this , but read the last few days of Scroll 5 with more feeling , passion and thought at the Meaning ..Hug all your loved ones , friends and spend more time with them .

Still on the Franklin Makeover new word Monday. Haanel asked us to focus on the Truth ..As The Truth Will Set You Free and it’s just as easy to think Big as think small..So think Big.

Everyone have great week see you Sunday and Hug and kiss your Loved Ones Like never before.

God Bless
Dream Big
John “oneliner”


8 thoughts on “Week 21 Live This Day

  1. eulainemasterkeyexperiences

    JG, Thanks for your blog. It was a good reminder to enjoy each day to the fullest and to give everyone you come in contact with that you know hugs and encouragement. It was also a great reminder to think Big and not little and to remember that the truth will set you free. Have a great week and a relaxing weekend.

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  2. armellemasterkey

    Yes ! I love the way you’ve look at the truth ! I also love this quote : Leave each day as it is the last one and learn as if you’ve got the whole life in front of you ! What a wonderful way to appreciate fully the present moment and give more love around us ! I wish you a wonderful week

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  3. willettadeyoung

    Nice observation. We often get so busy living life, we forget it’s short span of time. Show the important people in your life that you love them before they, and you are gone.

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