Week 20 The Dash

Hi MKMMA Family,

Week 20 wow seems like it was just October , time flies and Og and the Webinar bring that point home .

I know I’m late posting this first time , not excuse just the truth. I missed the Webinar and was not able to view it till Thursday , and it was some webinar , the Fox and the Hedgehog was a great part and really an eye opener. But the thing that stuck n my mind was the DASH , I had heard this before but never how Mark put it was chilling at first , I’m 69 and it brought that home to me as I really thought of my life-like that before, I have no major health problems and kind of think..well somewhat younger most people don’t take me for my age, they say 69 no way 67, 68 tops (you know I had to throw some humor in here) and It’s caused me to do some serious thinking ..in a good way..I have a 2 Year Old Granddaughter (my only Grandchild ) and I plan to see her grow up so I Plan with Gods help to be here a lot longer .

Now Haanel’s week 20 I had some good sits , I got the point as I Believe that I and the Father are one , and without him I am nothing . I concentrated on that and also some other aspects of what that means as part of my DMP , at times I was wondering if that was correct , but as I said the sits was very still so I think I my course was right. Og’s Scroll 5 really fits with all of this and gave it more meaning .

Forgive me for being late..and I need as Mark says to Giddy Up.

Till Next week..Everyone have a Great Week..And Live each day as if it’s your Last..and Fill your DASH to Overflowing

God Bless

PS: Thanks for the support during my last week Bump in the Road ..meant a lot to me.


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